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Created 2017-06-22
Owner angelajos009998
Title Get Rid Of Your Dental Problems Immediately By Visiting Mint Dental Clinic
Description Are you living in Coquitlam and suffering from daunting dental problems, visit Mint Dental Clinic without wasting your time. It is one of the most popular dental clinics of Canada that offer all types of dental treatments to patients. Dentist Tri city offers its dental treatment for people belonging to whatever age.

Its friendly environment makes patients to feel like home. Its brand new techniques and procedures allow patients latest techniques which you have never heard about. Its highly trained and qualified Coquitlam dentist has large years of experience in solving several critical dental cases.

Thos who feel fear by thinking of dental clinic will get good relaxation by visiting Mint dental Clinic and its Tri city dentist. This clinic is made quite environmental friendly as its uses recycling waste method and cleaning agents which do not pose any threat to environment. Dentist Coquitlam believes in making long tern strong relationship with patients. Patients who visit the clinic for first time will not feel any discomfort in visiting the clinic again.

To know more, visit http://mintdental.ca/
Address Port Moody Port Moody
City Port Moody
State Port Moody
Country Canada
Site http://mintdental.ca
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